About us

iHAC is a collaboration between the Nordic countries governments, their agencies and authorities. The project is managed by Centre for Rural medicine, Region Västerbotten and Nordic Welfare Centre.

Centre for Rural Medicine

The Centre for Rural Medicine, GMC, is a unit within Region Västerbotten that conducts research, development and education for and in sparsely populated areas. We have our head office in Storuman, a sparsely populated municipality in Västerbotten, Sweden.

Nordic Welfare Centre

The Nordic Welfare Centre is an institution in the Nordic Council of Ministers’ social and health sector. Our mission is to contribute to the development of welfare initiatives in the Nordic region. By compiling and disseminating knowledge on welfare issues, we offer strengthened tools for policy-making, as well as tools for improving health and well-being of all citizen


Niclas Forsling

Project Leader

Centre for Rural Medicine, Storuman, Sweden

Email: niclas.forsling@regionvasterbotten.se

Bengt Andersson_NVC - kopia

Bengt Andersson

Senior Advisor – Welfare technology

Nordic Welfare Centre, Stockholm, Sweden

Email: bengt.andersson@nordicwelfare.org