We are very proud of being invited to exhibit iHAC, integrated Healthcare And Care, at World Expo in Dubai. Our participation in Dubai will coincide with Arab Health week as well as Health and Wellness week by the end of January until early February 2022.

Our message

Our message is that healthcare and care in year 2030 will be integrated, a seamless provision of healthcare and social care services, where the citizens can design their own care path. Healthcare will, through digitalization, use less resources and provide more services tailored to the individual citizens own needs. Citizens will become more empowered, feel more safe and secure through trusted self-management and self-care services. Yes, most healthcare services will be made more accessible provided from citizens own homes or where they currently are. Healthcare and social care infrastructure will be reduced which will contribute to Co2 emission savings. This will help sustain the healthcare and social care system; make it viable and robust towards the demographic challenges of an ageing population, more economically efficient and more environmentally friendly.

At our exhibition

We have been collaborating with Aalto University, Department of Design and Umeå Institute of Design – Umeå University, to develop 11 different examples which will demonstrate how integrated Healthcare And Care can look like in year 2030.

In collaboration with Nordic Rebels, you will be introduced to the atmosphere healthcare and care through distance spanning solutions brings to the citizens. You will also be able to design your own individual care path.

Visit us

If you happen to be at World Expo during Arab health week or the Health and Wellbeing week, please visit us here:

  • January 26th: Nordic Networking Event (Invitation only)
  • January 28th: Finnish pavilion, VIP section (invitation only)
  • February 1st – 2nd: Swedish pavilion, co creation stage
  • February 1st: Swedish Pavilion, VIP section (invitation only)

Stay tuned for more information where you can stream iHAC’s participation at panel discussions etc. in the Swedish VIP section. Any possible other events with iHAC participation will also be shared once they are confirmed.