6 projects have during summer 2023 been contracted by iHAC

The ambition is to create sustainable integrated Healthcare and Care services, with support of distance spanning solutions. Read more about the projects below.

All projects will carry out a minimum of 2 workshops and make an inspiration visits to Region Agder (Norway) and/or Eksote (Finland). The projects have been allocated SEK 130,000 – SEK 210,000 each. Outcomes of ongoing projects will be shared in january 2024.

Capital Region – Bornholms Hospital, Denmark
The Department for Administration and Service

Develop a coherent care process across sectors with a focus on the citizen’s needs through the co-creation of a cooperative culture for the benefit of the individual citizen.

Odense University Hospital – Svendborg, Denmark. Department of Intermedicine and Emergency Medicine – (Cardiology Outpatient Clinic)

The project will design a concept for collaboration between hospital and municipality to support citizens without sufficient digital competence of their own to still be able to participate in virtual consultations.

Region Västerbotten – Lycksele Hospital, Sweden
Southern Lapland Local Health Care Area

Development of an indicatorsystem to be able to measure the effects of the primary care reform Good Local Healthcare, and therein the effect of distance solutions within the Southern Lapland Health District.

Region Agder – Grimstad municipality, Norway
Regional coordination group within Agder

Digital home follow-up (digital home follow-up – DHO), develop an indicator and a baseline before and after the introduction of DHO.

Region Värmland – Health care in Region Värmland specifically the municipalities of Årjäng, Eda, Säffle and Arvika, Sweden

Nära Vård Västra Värmland, NVVV is a project that started in the spring of 2022 with the aim of reducing the movement of patients, creating autonomous patients and the possibilities for care in their own homes through follow-up services. iVOPD contributes by supporting and developing a structure for communication and knowledge sharing between the 4 participating municipalities and the health region.

Veltek – Iceland’s Health and Welfare Cluster, Fjallabyggd municipality, Iceland

The project focuses on health challenges linked to an aging population in Iceland, specifically Fjallabyggð municipality. iHAC is involved in the Veltek project to establish common goals between actors in the area of Fjallabyggð and thereby create understanding and trust between the parties (municipality, hospital, citizens and the university).


Niclas Forsling

Project Leader
Centre for Rural Medicine, Storuman, Sweden


Bengt Andersson_NVC - kopia

Bengt Andersson

Senior Advisor – Welfare technology
Nordic Welfare Centre, Stockholm, Sweden