Integrated healthcare and care concepts designed by students from Aalto university

What will integrated healthcare and care look like in 2030? Explore the visualizations made by interaction design students at Aalto university.

The collaboration between iHAC and Aalto university, during autumn 2021 to January 2022, resulted in seven concepts of integrated healthcare and care created by design students at master level. The concepts have been developed with a rural point of view and provide a futuristic perspective on what integrated healthcare and care can look like in year 2030.

“The student’s ability to understand the complexity of integrated healthcare and care, and demonstrate tangible future concept are nothing less than fantastic to see”
Niclas Forsling, iHAC Project Leader, Centre for Rural Medicine, Sweden

The work is in line with the Nordic Vision 2030, to become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world.

Explore the students’ concepts of integrated healthcare and care

On Aalto university’s webpage you will find videos, pictures and information explaining the seven concepts. Explore the visions here.

What will happen next

iHAC will during 2022 use the concepts to facilitate round table discussions to develop tailored integrated healthcare and social care models. Discussions will apply the point of view of the citizens, still involve healthcare and social care planners and workers.