Meet the future of integrated healthcare and care at H22 City Expo 13th of June 2022

Experience the future for integrated Healthcare And Care through distance spanning solutions (iHAC), we have 11 cases created by students at Umeå School of Design and Aalto University that take you into the future.

With the models as a basis, you can also design your system for integrated Healthcare and Care. The iHAC project contributes to the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Vision 2030 on the Nordic region as the world’s most sustainable and integrated region.

Centre for Rural Medicine, an R&D unit within the Västerbotten Region that leads iHAC together with the Nordic Welfare Center, will also introduce the upcoming pre-commercial procurements CRANE and TIQUE, for a total of SEK 92 million. CRANE is based on innovative management of health data related to the individual, while TIQUE is a service for managing patients with advanced heart failure in or closer to their own homes. These Horizon 2020 investments provide an opportunity for the industry to co-create with regions the future solutions for handling health data and care for chronic patients at a distance. As an additional teaser, you will also get an introduction by another PPC investment coordinated by Innovation Skåne named Carematrix, that will soon launch their call for tenders.

Share your experiences and discuss the future of integrated healthcare and care with us!

Where: Hamntorget in Helsingborg Sweden, Värdskapshuset – Mercury
Time: 14:00-17:00.