Meet iVOPD/iHAC at Vitalis in Gothenburg – 18th of May 2022

We are happy to announce that we can meet up at Vitalis in Gothenburg, the biggest healthcare and care exhibition in the Nordics, at the 18th of May 2022.

Our workshop will be conducted between 15:30-17:00, please read more about the workshop and register here!

You will, for inspiration, be introduced to 11 design concepts for integrated healthcare and care developed by service design students at Aalto University department of design and Umeå Institute of design. We will also for inspiration quickly introduce you two pre commercial procurements that will be published in July and August 2022. CRANE is on innovative use of health data and amounts to 48 msek. TIQUE concerns specialist care for patients with advanced hearth failure through distance spanning solution and amounts to 44 msek. We also welcome industry to form consortiums and become bidders for TIQUE and CRANE solutions.

REMEMBER to sign up for the workshop!

Useful links for inspiration before and during the workshop: