Cross sector collaboration on health and wellbeing

Representatives from Nordic institutions and projects met on 21st of April at Nordregio in Stockholm to discuss how integrated healthcare and care can become a reality across the Nordics. The discussion followed the formal steering committee meeting for the project Integrated Healthcare and Care through distance spanning solutions (iHAC) and had a special focus on health data.

Among the initiatives that took part were Nordic Commons – Nordforsk, Nordic Interoperability Programme – Nordic Innovation, The Finnish priority project; Achieving the World’s Smoothest Cross-Border Mobility and Daily Life Through Digitalisation – Digital and Population Data Services Agency and iHAC – Centre for Rual Medicine and Nordic Welfare Centre. These investments represent different stakeholder perspectives and have therefore different roadmaps towards secure, safe and efficient use of health data to improve the Nordic citizens daily life and wellbeing.

Synergy opportunities

It was clear from discussions that all parties have the same agenda; to realize the opportunities of health data driven Nordic research, innovation and service provision related to healthcare and social care for Nordic citizens. Further discussions are needed to learn more from and better coordinate with each other, and to understand how to realize the identified synergy opportunities from the investments.

– It is necessary to facilitate possibilities for learning and knowledge transfer between the initiatives. This will help the Nordics to move quicker forward. All initiatives have the common goal of increased well-being for the Nordic citizens, where citizens safety and security come first, says the chairman of iHAC steering committee Henrik Moberg, Swedish Government Office.

New meeting in august

A tentative agreement has been made for the initiatives to meet again in August, to continue the discussion. iHAC steering committee welcome this initiative and expect progress reported from discussions at their next Steering Committee meeting in Norway 7th-8th of September. Of specific interest is how to coordinate the work and facilitate learning across different Ministry councils’, i.e. ‘Health and Social Services Affairs’, ‘Digitalization’ and ‘Sustainable Growth´.

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