National and regional models for integrated use of health data

Element two

iHAC – Where and why are health data stored (and siloed)

The VOPD 2018-2020 project has identified that integrated use of health data is a prerequisite, from the citizen perspective, to achieve efficient integrated healthcare and social care service models. The second element in iHAC, will through mapping demonstrate examples of health data integration at regional and national level, models of data transfer between stakeholders and models for integration of health data from healthcare and social care.

iHAC also aims to demonstrate examples on where and why health data are stored, and sometimes siloed. iHAC has from earlier VOPD collaboration experienced that discussion on the potential of sharing health data from healthcare regions and social service providers has not always been productive. iHAC view that examples on how health data is handled in different regions across the Nordics can help facilitate a constructive dialogue.

Time period

  • April 2022 – September 2023

Collaboration partner

  • Centre for Rural Medicine and Nordic Welfare Centre