Outcomes from iHAC Call 1

Learnings from iHAC Call 1 – Project outcome, impacts, learnings and reflections from Call 1 has now been collected in a report.

The iHAC first call projects for integrated Healthcare and Care through distance-spanning solutions have reached a significant milestone. The projects have successfully completed their activities, conducted their final reporting and taken part in a joint workshop to establish impacts and learning. The main findings have been collected in a concise PowerPoint report, which is now available for download.

We would like to congratulate all project for their successful completion, it’s exciting to see the positive impact and knowledge gained from these efforts!

Fjallabyggd leads from the front with integrated elderly care

In the northernmost part of Iceland, the municipality of Fjallabyggd has set itself the goal of becoming the country’s leading provider of integrated elderly care services using digital and distance-spanning solutions.

Final call for regions and municipalities to develop conditions for integrated health and care

Second and final iHAC call; We call for applicants that aim to establish the necessary conditions to implement integrated healthcare and care services through distance spanning solutions.

More convenient access to healthcare for Värmland’s young and old

The Swedish Region of Värmland and four of its municipalities have come together to increase the use of digital solutions in elderly care and establish a one-stop shop for children with behavioural or mental health issues.